What is going on in "Greenhouse Effect" 

Incoming Radiation 

   Short wavelength, high frequency photons enter the atmosphere and passes right through with little interaction with the particle of the atmosphere.  The photon the "strikes" the ground.  A portion of the incoming photons are reflected back into the atmosphere.  High Albedo number means lower amount photons reflected back.  For example ocean water has an albedo .90 (a very albedo) reflects only 10% back into the atmosphere. Ice on the other hand has an albedo of .10 (very low) reflects 90% back into the atmosphere.

   The absorbed photons are remitted back into the atmosphere at a longer wavelength. 

Outgoing Radiation 

    Short wavelength reflected photons are reflected out of the atmosphere back into space with little if any effect on the over all temperature of the Earth. 

   Long wavelength that was absorbed by the Earth and are re-emitted back into the atmosphere are partial absorbed by greenhouse gases. 

Correction from the graph 

1. Radiant energy should say "Light Intensity", the radiant energy is photonic energy  (E = hf).  Light intensity is referring to the amount of photons. 

2. Wavelength of heat should say "Wavelength of outgoing radiation".  Hopefully by now you know there are three ways in which energy is transfered, conduction, convection and radiation.  Only radiation has a "wavelength", and graph didn't specify weather its incoming or outgoing. 

 Picture provided by Climate data

Enhanced Greenhouse Effect 

     The increased in carbon dioxide into the atmosphere absorbs more energy in the and increases the overall temperature of the Earth increases (Hence Global Warming). With increase in temperature, less ice flow, more photons absorbed because more ocean water.  

     The problem keeps getting worse.

     More of the ice flow that melts, the less salt water, the mid Atlantic currents stop and the "lungs" of the Earth stop.  The largest mechanism for removing carbon from our air is the mid Atlantic currents with operate on salt water gradients (which disappear when more liquid water is dumped into the ocean) 

     Temperatures continue to increase.......

So the final word is

 "Enhanced Global Warming don't do it"