Winds Power  


 In a way it can be misleading to think of wind as the source of energy for wind power because the wind is caused by the sun. Wind power is simply harnessing solar energy solar through an alternate channel. The sun heats the surface of Earth unevenly resulting in pressure differences caused by the difference in temperature. As these pressure differences attempt to equalize they cause what we refer to as wind. There would still be wind without the Sun since the surface will always have temperature differences but the Sun is the primary contributor to global capacity for wind power.

Conversion of wind power to electrical energy

 The basic concept of wind power starts with mechanical motion provided by rotors turned by the wind. This rotating motion can be used to generate electricity with an electric generator. According to Faraday’s law of induction a changing magnetic field relative to a circuit creates electromotive force.  If the circuit has an electrical load then current is generated and electricity is produced. The simplest model of an electrical generator is a permanent magnet passing through coils of copper wire, attached to a battery or other load, to generate electricity. Fossil fuel, propane, human, natural gas, and wind generators all rely on Faraday’s law of induction to generate electricity from motion.

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