1)  According to legend, a horse learned Newton's laws. When the horse was told to pull a cart, it refused, saying that if it pulled the cart forward, according to Newton's third law there would be an equal force backwards. Thus, there would be balanced forces, and, according to Newton's second law, the cart wouldn't accelerate. How would you reason with this horse?

 2)   An accelerometer is a device that measures acceleration, a basic accelerometer is nothing more then a jar filled with water and a cork suspended in the water.  When the jar is moved the cork “points” to the direction of the acceleration.  How does this type of accelerometer work?


 3) A submarine is submerged 50 meters below sea level, draw all of the “action reaction” pairs in this system (it must be in a free body diagram)


 4) Explain the difference between Inertia, mass and weight