Friends and Best Friends

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I have work with some of the greatest teachers i have known.  They are superstars in their on right and don't receive  nearly enough praise for there hard work.  Many summer days spent working with this crew has massively improved my craft.  If you time please take a few seconds to visit their websites

     Digital Classroom at George Washington High School is a small program that currently has 10 teachers building websites for their classrooms.  Three of the teachers (including myself) are using or are in the process of creating blended classrooms.  Other than the physics program you can view on this website, IB HL Biology  AP Biology, and AP Chemistry are also available.  

This non-profit organization has been a program saver that supplied my classroom with some reconditioned computers.  This great group does great work for our schools, and if you are a non-profit Colorado school on the need of computers, this is the group to contact. 

My Mom - my grant writer and chief supporter, her experience in high school has acted as a sounding board for every step i have made.

Brent Stickrath - I once considered him to be my Robin to my Batman but these days it fells more like justice league. 

Candy McGregor - I remember years ago Candy asked me to put together one lecture on one topic, came back from summer break with over 200 (who says teacher only work 9 months out of the year).