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A little about me 

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       Hey, my name is Derrick McNeill and thank you for visiting my website....

I'm an avid gamer (both Video and Board) my current long term goal is to create a worth while educational video game (100 + hours in).  My short term goal is to make a club at my school for "mega-gaming".

Educationally speaking i'm trying to embrace UDL with a little resistance coming from my administrators. It's currently in my 10th year in teaching and 7th year of construction. Every year it has been a challenge, with new technologies and new regulations put in place every year but it keeps getting better (hopefully).  I have learn a lot of lessons only the way, making corrections, adding features, removing features, and I have a lot more lessons to learn. 

If you please take a monument to send me an email telling what you think so far or ideas on how to make it better I would be very grateful Thank you 

Derrick McNeill

Ap Physics, IB Physics, and Just plan physics teacher at George Washington High School 

Denver Public Schools 

Denver Colorado