21st Century Classroom 


  •  Classrooms where students move at their own pace.
  • Students who are encouraged to delve in-depth on a topics they find interesting.
  • Classrooms where mastery, not satisfactory, is the goal.
  • Educators that never say "oh well, most of the kids seem to understand the material, so i'll move on to the next chapter" 
  • Classrooms where that one student (you know the one in the back that sleeps through most of your class and still gets B's and A's) can finally feel challenged. 

U.S. Department of Education Study

In 2010 the U.S. Department of Education released a study on effectiveness of online classes compared to the effectiveness of traditional (face to face) classes.  The outcome of the study resulted in the following finding:

  • Standardized testing revealed that when students engaged in online courses scored the same as students in a traditional classroom.  The study issued a statement to school districts that the use of online classes could help relieve budgetary concerns and could be used as a replacement for canceled classes. 
  • On standardized tests, students in a blended classroom environment (a class that is a blending of online and traditional classrooms) scored 35% better then classrooms that relied only on tradition or online methods of instruction.
In short, outline classes can replace the traditional classrooms but to properly educate our 21st century student a blended methodology proved superior. 

Blended and Flipped classrooms

     The flipped classroom is often used to describe any classroom that uses technology to deliver information.  The origin of the term flipped refers to flipping the lecture and "homework", students watch lecture at home then class time is spent working on what would normally be homework. 


    The blended classroom is often used to describe any classroom that has an online presence.  This could be something as simple posting your agenda or due dates for assignment.  Blended classes is by far the easiest form of 21st century classroom to produce.

  • think of it this way, it's possible to have a flipped without blended (not very practical in this day and age) and blended without flipping.
  • As a teacher just starting out, start with blended, create a blog for your agenda, or post due dates 


   The phrase "blended or hybrid classroom" means different things to different teachers. The majority of teachers blended means assigning 60 minute lectures as homework while continuing to lecture in class.  To other teachers it means class time is resuscitation time in the classroom, and still others educators view "blended" as working in small groups on problem solving  For me, blended means

  •  Differentiation of instruction 
  •  Mastery, not satisfactory
  •  Self paced. 

So how much does it cost? 

  "Good news," this implementation cost can be minimal by using mine and other lectures that can be found online for free, these including lectures from the top colleges, universities, museums, and organizations around the world. Most are embeddable and some even come with additional support material

Blended classrooms articles 

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