To be able to solve motion in two directions 


Blank paper
Calculator (a calculator is located on the widget page)
Pen or pencil

Problem set

1. You accidentally throw your car keys horizontally at 8.0 m/s from a cliff 64m high. how far from the base of the cliff should you look for your keys?

2. A toy car runs off the edge of a table that is 1.225m high. If the car lands 0.4m from the base of the table,
    A. How long did it take the car to fall?
    B. How fast was the car going on the table?

3. You take a running leap off a high-diving platform. You were running at 2.8 m/s and hit the water 2.6s later. How high was the platform and how far from the edge of the platform did you hit the water?

4. Divers in Acapulco dive from a cliff that is 61m high. If the rocks below the cliff extend outward 23m, what is the minimum horizontal velocity a diver must have to clear the rocks?

5. A Dart player throws a dart horizontally at a speed of 12.4 m/s. The dart hits the board 0.32m below the height from which it was thrown. How far away is the player from the board.