Laws of Thermodynamics  

First Law of Thermodynamics 

Isobaric Law


Heat Death (2nd law part 2) 

Third Law of Thermodynamic 

Zeroth Law  

Isochoric Law

Second Law of Thermodynamics

Effiecency (2nd law part 3) 

1. The temperature of three moles of an ideal gas 373 K. How much work does the gas do in expanding isothermally to four times its initial volume.

2. Six grams of helium (molecular mass= 4.0 u) expands isothermally at 370 K and does 9600 J of work. Assuming that helium is an ideal gas, determine the ratio of the final volume of the gas to the initial volume.

3. A mono atomic ideal gas (y=5/3) expands adiabatically, and the ratio of its initial to its final Kelvin temperature is Ti/Tt= 2.00. Find the ratio of its initial to its final pressure Pi/Pt.