Mega Gaming 

    Welcome to MegaGaming.  We will not be meeting as a whole club, instead, it will be by your in game role. The first couple of meetings will be "getting to know you" and an introduction to MegaGaming.  Completing the sign in form will get you on our mailing list so we can sending you information about mega gaming.  

    First, what is MegaGaming? Well, it is a combination of Model UN, a board game (like diplomacy) and a role playing game.  Each turn is a basically spent responding to the actions of the other players.  Sometimes the response is diplomatic and results in lengthy negotiations, while other times the response is military in nature, as troops are stent into to "deal" with the problem. All of this happens with an eye on the terror tracker. This is because if the terror tracker gets too high the game ends and the Aliens win.

    Now, a little about what you will be doing in a MegaGame.  You can play three "types" of players, Human, Alien, and Controller.  Humans are broken up into two major groups, the press, and a national representative.  

   The Press are an independent group of humans that control the flow of information. They are allowed anywhere in the human controlled areas  with the exception of the battle board (the parade of nations, and the UN), they may journey to the alien controlled section if they are invited by the aliens, or have arranged for some sort of "transportation".  Every turn the press will need to produce some sort of broadcast.  It is our hope that this will be a live stream on YouTube.  To be a member of the press you will need to have a signed parent permission form to have your image on the internet.  The press will be the face of the club to the committee. As such,  we will expect you to behave appropriately.

   National Representatives are the "meat and potatoes" of the game, every action and reaction control the flow of the game. You may decide to send a special agent into Turkey to investigate what the United States doing at Mount Ararat, but every other country, and the Aliens, sees this and can react to what you are doing, so act deliberately.  There is much to do as a nation. Each nation is a team of players, and each player has a different role.  Each nation has the following roles, Prime Minister / President, Chief Military Officer, Chief Scientist, Chief World Diplomat. 

   Prime Minister / President is the head of state for their respective nations, they give orders to each other members of the team.  The president is confined to the Parade of Nations area, unless invited to speak to the UN or invited by the Aliens to the alien controlled area. The Battle board is completely off limits.

    Chief Military Officer is the only human allowed at the battle board. They control all of your nation's military and espionage units.  It is the job of the military officer to report back to their nation about any of the information on the battle board.  Be careful the room has ears, those sneaky members of the press would love to hear about your conflict with the UFO's of the skies over Tokyo.

   Chief Scientists is responsible for producing advanced technology that will help beat back the alien hordes.  Your primary job is to 

   1. Get enough funding to develop this technology 

   2. Work with other nations to trade for technology 

   3. Using nefarious means to "get" this technology 

Now, this seems simple but along with the big game, the world scientist have a small "mini" game where they are busy trying to discredit there rival scientist.  

   Chief World Diplomat it is your job to "deal" with the UN and all of the "normal" global issues (like famine, or political unrest). Every turn there will be a session of the UN in which only the Chief Diplomat is allowed (presidents might be invited to speak, but not to vote on any issues)  In addition to these "small problems" its the chief diplomat who is the one on the front line trying to work with all of the player teams, including each nation, the press and the Aliens..... Good luck to you.

   Now for the Aliens......Well, if you enjoy being sneaky, and creating lots of disruptions, then maybe being an Alien is for you.  Remember the Terror Tracker, if it goes too high, the nations of the world collapse, and you win (sort of).... We just can't tell you how you can do that yet.

   The Controllers, as the name suggests, are responsible for keeping the game going, you are the one called for the dice rolls.  You chase people from the restricted areas, and hand out information to waiting masses. You, are the one in control.