Feynman Diagram and Nuclear Weak Interaction

    There are a number of basic vertices associated with the weak interaction. This is because both leptons and quarks are subjected to weak processes.  There are particle vertices and antiparticle vertices for each generation of leptons, for each generation of quarks and for quark changes that occur diagonally between generations. Typical vertices are summarized below. 

Lepton Nuclear Weak Interaction 

 Quarks Nuclear Weak Interaction

Some important things to remember when dealing with Baryons and Nuclear Weak Interactions

   1.  Quarks do not exist in real space on their own.  They are either in a quark anti-quark pair found in a meson, or found in a triplet of quarks or anti-quarks to form a hadron.

   2.  Nuclear Weak is a quark only interaction, but it does involve leptons in the interaction.

   3.  The W boson responsible for a nuclear weak interaction has a very short life span, so a very short range of interaction (10^-17). 

   4.  The W Boson is "decay" into a lepton and neutrino pair (yes i know a neutrino is a lepton to)

   5.  Nuclear Weak interaction is the only interaction that can change the flavor of a quark (Flavor is referring to up, down, strange, charmed, top and bottom)

Beta Decay