Weak Lepton Interaction 

The diagram shows an incoming lepton, in this case a neutrino. At the vertices the neutrino interacts with W-Boson transforming the neutrino into another lepton.  

Things to remember

    1. The passage of time is from left to right.

    2. The "pathways" in the diagram is not the path that the particles travel 

    3. If the arrow points in the direction of the time line then it is a positive particle. If the arrow points in the opposite direction of the time line its a anti particle.


Neutrino to lepton decay 

Lepton Table 

When considering  lepton decay neutrino's decay into it's corresponding lepton (electron neutrino decays into a electrons; Electrons decay into electron neutrino's).  

Things to remember.....

       Leptons decay into leptons 

        Anti-Leptons decay into anti-leptons

Anti- Lepton Table