Learning objective


1) A truck driver is brodcasting at a frequency of 36.965 MHz with a CB (citizen's band) radio. Determine the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave being used.

2) Determine the range of wavelengths for FM radio waves with frequencies between 88.0 and 108.0 MHz.

3) televisions sometimes use "rabbit-ears" antennas. These antennas consist of a pair of metal rods. The length of each rod can be adjusted to be one quarter of a wavelength of an electromagnetic wave whose frequency is 60MHz. how long is each rod?

4) Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission topography (PET) scanning are two medical diagnostic techniques. Both employ electromagnetic waves. For these waves, find the ratio of the MRI wavelength (frequency = 6.38 x 10⁷ Hz) to PET scanning wavelength (frequency = 1.23 x 10²°).

5) What is the range of photon energies for visible light, for which the wavelength range is 400nm to 700nm?

6) An FM radio station broadcasts at 99.3 MHz with an output power of 50,000 W. How many photons does it emit during a 30 second commercial?

7) An iron-57 nucleus has a mass of 9.454 x 10^-26 Kg. It recoils with a kinetic energy of 3.132 x 10^-22 J after emitting a gamma ray photon. Find the magnitude of the momentum of the gamma ray, as well as its energy , frequency, and wavelength.