To show an understand the difference between distance, displacement, and position
To practice drawing vectors


Blank paper (your paper should look some thing like this)
Graph Paper (if you need graph paper go here)
Pen or pencil


1. Two identical cars have the same speed, one traveling east and one traveling west. Do these cars have the same momentum? Explain.

2. In Time Square people celebrate on New Year's Eve. Some just stand around but many move about randomly. Consider a system comprised of all of these people. Approximately, what is the total linear momentum of this system at any given instance? Justify your answer.

3. In movies, Superman hovers in midair, grabs a villain by the neck and throws him forward. Superman, however, remains stationary. Using the conservation of linear momentum, explain what is wrong with this scene.

4. Two arrows are fired horizontally with the same speed of 30 m/s. each arrow has a mass of .1 kg. One is fired due east and the other due south. Find the magnitude and direction of the total momentum of this two-arrow system. Specify the direction WRT due east.