Newton's Second law and Rotation

 Important Equations

                Sum of the torques


Rotational inertia 

Rotational acceleration

Key Concept


Equilibrium is the state of an object when no part of the object is accelerating. Two conditions for equilibrium are that the net force acting on the object is zero, and the net torque acting on the object is zero.

Definition Provided by Physics 24 7

 For the extent of this class we will only concern ourselves with systems that are equilibrium, this means that all forces and all torques equal zero 

Newton's Second law

The relationship between the net external torque and the angular acceleration is of the same form as Newton's second law and is sometimes called Newton's second law for rotation. It is not as general a relationship as the linear one because the moment of inertia is not strictly a scalar quantity. The rotational equation is limited to rotation about a single principal axis, which in simple cases is an axis of symmetry.

 How Does Newtons Second Law tie into Torque