Purpose:  To calculate the the distance I travel home.

                      To determine my final position with the origin at George Washington High School.

                      To calculate the average speed, in m/s, I travel on the way home.

                      To calculate the average velocity, in m/s and degrees, I travel on the way home.

Procedure:  You are to digitally follow the route Mr McNeill takes home (we are actually passing the McNeill Farm but you guys don't need to know where I live).  

The Google map to the left of this text is the route I take getting home.  Clicking the link titled "View Larger Map" will open the larger map.  In the larger map will be information on distances between major intersections and the projected time it will take to make the entire trip. 

Step one:   Calculate the total distance I travel on the trip home. Simply add all the distances together, to get the total distance.

(At the very end of the driving directions, it states the total distance, how does this compare to your value?)

Step two:    Calculate the uncertainty in this measurement.  We are adding like values so you should be adding the the plus or minus uncertainty of each measurement before calculating the percent uncertainty.  Here is the link to the lab page

(Look at the uncertainty for the total distance at the end of the driving directions, does this uncertainty make sense?) 

Step Three:   Calculate the average speed.  The average speed is the total distance divided by the total time (convert hours and minutes into seconds and kilometers to meter, the SI units for speed is m/s)  Convert back to MPH (here is a link to a converter), do you think that I traveled this speed the entire time?  How about 85mph on Highway 76?  What does this mean about average speed? 

Step Four:   Calculate the uncertainty in the average speed.  Because average speed is a product (Distance x 1/time), when calculating the total uncertainty of average speed add the percent uncertainty found in step two, plus the percent uncertainty in the time measurement. 

Step Five:    Print off the larger map (with or without the driving direction).  Draw a right angle triangle on the map with the hypotenuse the length between the school and my home, and one of the two remaining sides entirely on the y axis (north / south direction) and last side in the x axis (east / west direction). 

Step Six:   Measure the distance in the x and y direction using the key in the lower left hand corner.  Calculate the uncertainty in the x and y directions 

Step Seven:   Calculate the average velocity in the x and y direction,  calculate the uncertainty in the velocities in both directions.